Orange – Year 1 – 2020-2021

Moth Art

We finished our Moth topic by creating artwork in the style of the illustrator Daniel Egnéus and trying different techniques such as collage and paint flicking to create our own scenes reflecting how mum and change the planet. We also created our own dances to show the journey of the little Peppered Moths in the story. Orange Class have really enjoyed looking at this story and are now experts in all different sorts of moths and butterflies!

How to make a moth trap

As part of our Moth topic, we have written some instructions as a class about how to create our own moth traps at home. We have watched some videos of successful and not so successful moth traps!

How to make a moth trap

You will need:

A large white sheet
A big bright light
First, hang up your sheet outside. You might want to hang it on a fence, a wall or a washing line.

Next, shine your light on the sheet.

Finally, go inside and wait. Check back in half an hour to see what you have found!

(We had a race to see whether Mr Cooke or Orange Class could write up our instructions first. Sadly, Mr Cooke lost!)

This week we have looked at Moth by Isabel Thomas

Moth ArtWe have started to look at the difference between moths and butterflies. We have classified them according to their features and found out about lots of differences between them. We have made our own guides to butterflies and moths using all the facts we have learnt. Here are a few examples:

Next we are going to plan our own blog post to tell everyone how to trap a moth!

Piaaz Making

Today, Orange Class have been choosing healthy pizza toppings ready to make our own pizza restaurant tomorrow. We are hoping to try lots of new flavours!

Everyone really enjoyed making their pizza but we all agreed that our favourite part was eating it!

Land Art at Forest School

Boat Making