Orange – Year 1 – 2021-2022

The next David Attenborough?

As part of our topic on A boy and a jaguar, we have looked at other influential conservationists. We found out about David Attenborough and his work in raising the profile of conservation work around the world.

We decided to make our own wildlife documentaries in the style of David Attenborough. We decided what jobs we needed to have, separated ourselves into presenters, camera operators, set designers and animal handlers. We then wrote our own presenting scripts and used these to film our own documentary on the iPad. We have definitely got some budding TV personalities in Orange Class!



As part of our book ‘A boy and a jaguar’ , we have looked at which countries jaguars live in. We have decided to focus on Guatemala and have been looking at some different traditions and famous places.

We decided to see if we could build and label the Grand Temple of Tikal, a famous Mayan landmark.

The children in the construction area showed brilliant teamwork, imagination and communication skills to build their fantastic models of the temple.

As part of our topic, we have also looked at Guatemalan textiles and tried to recreate the bold and vibrant coloured patterns ourselves in paint.

Guatemala School Project Guatemala School Project

A Boy and a Jaguar

A Boy in a Jaguar MaskWe have started to look this term at the book A Boy and A Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz. We have made our own jaguar masks and imagined what it would be like to be a jaguar in captivity.


We have also looked at Central America, where jaguars are from. We focused on Guatemala and looked at some of the traditions and beliefs of the Mayan people. We followed instructions to make our own Guatemalan worry dolls that can take away all of our worries whilst we sleep!

Infant Nativity 2021

Well done to our FABULOUS Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes for a brilliant Nativity. It was a huge success, the children worked so hard and the staff and their parents are so proud of them all!

Check out the cast photos below:

Rhythm of the Rain

For this half term we have started to look at a new class book called the Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker-Smith. It follows the story of Issac and his jar of water.

We started off in the stream on the side of Issacs’s favourite mountain. We are looking at all the different weathers Issac might encounter and we have been using our magic story dust to take us into the story to see the river and all of the wildlife for ourselves.

We have designed and made our own sailing boat as a class to help Issac follow his water down the river. We can’t wait to see where it goes next!

Harvest Festival 2021

KS1 enjoyed showing our rainbow harvest festival to all our visitors on Monday. The children sang songs about Harvest and wrote their own prayers to say thank you for the food that had been grown this year.