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Eco Schools

The Bible story of the world’s creation is as old as the world itself. We are God’s stewards and it is our responsibility and privilege to protect and take care of His precious creation.

St Mary's Eco committee

At St Mary's we have a strong commitment to  Eco action. Our work is led by the Eco committee who are voted in by their peers each year. This year the committee have chosen to work on three topics: Energy, Marine and Global Citizenship. You can read our action plan here.



Autumn term

We started off the year with a presentation to the whole school, telling them about our planned actions. We started our first topic; energy, by having a less energy day. Each class also worked with their teacher to find out more about saving energy. Our energy monitors are also making sure that lights and computers are only on when really needed. 

Spring Term

This term we have taken part in Stockport School's Climate summit. We took part in lunchtime lessons to find out about issues affecting Stockport and how the council are working to make things better. We came up with our own ideas and were so happy to have our idea of 'setting up swap shops' chosen to be debated at the town hall. Ruby and Tadhg were chosen to represent us and did such a great job of promoting our idea that everyone voted for it. We are looking forward to finding out how the council will implement our idea. 



We were also very happy to find out we had been awarded another grant from Stockport Hydro. We asked for money to buy new litter pickers so that we can continue to look after our school and local environment.


We have joined in with 'The Big Plastic Count' this year as part of one of our Eco actions. We have been counting pieces of plastic in support of Greenpeace, who will use this information to lobby our government to make new laws to reduce plastic use.







Summer Term

Our third topic this year is global development, which means thinking about our friends and neighbours around the world. To support this topic, we all took part in Christian Aid week, finding out about the lives of people, particularly in Africa, who face many challenges. During the week, each class thought about how they could think, act and pray. We had a lovely assembly together where we found out what each class had learnt and their responses, such as writing to our local M.P, writing poems and prayers. We also raised over £200 for Christian Aid. Well done to the Eco council for organising Christian Aid week at St Mary's.