Violet class: The next Rachel Riley on countdown! Well done for solving the class conundrum first and so quickly!

Violet class: Your strong letter as wise Wangari to the people of Kenya was fantastic and showed your brilliant writing skills!

Indigo class: Even though you missed one of the writing sessions in the sequence this week, you were determined to create a meaningful piece of final writing. Well done.

Blue class: You have clearly been working hard on your times tables and the speed you can remember them. Fantastic job!

Yellow class: Your confidence has grown so much and you have shown the adults in class that you are determined in all you do.

Green class: What a super first week back – you have kept up your great attitude to work and your determination in writing is fantastic!

Orange class: What amazing reading this week! You have been working so hard in both reading and maths. Fantastic!

Red class: What fantastic writing for someone in Red class – keep up this brilliant work!