St Mary’s Stars February 2022

Congratulations to all our wonderful students who have gone above and beyond and been awarded our prestigious STAR award.

Our last week of term has been full of exciting learning, school trips and finishing our topics for this half term.

Year 3 had a trip to Macclesfield linked to their topic on Ancient Egypt and they had such a fantastic time, Mr Plewes gave the whole class the certificate this week – what shining examples you were for St. Mary’s this week.

Stars of the Week – Friday 25th February 2022

What a first week we have had in school to welcome Spring 2 term here at St. Mary’s.

It has been ‘Road Safety’ week with the team from Stockport council spending time with Year 2, 4 and 6 across the week looking at how we use the roads around us safely.

Andy from the team commented on how fantastic the children had behaved, what beautiful manners they had and even donated another bear to the school as a reward.

Mrs Anstey and Mrs Burns both gave Year 6 and Year 2 the certificate as a class – well done everyone!

Red Class
Red ClassJonas
Jonas, you have put 100% into your new maths topic of subtraction, which can be super hard! Keep it up!
Orange Class
Orange ClassJames
James you have impressed with your writing this week especially when there has been trouble in class with Meerkats!
Blue Class
Blue ClassRuby
Role model Ruby – Mr Oldham and Mrs Birks have awarded you the brainhero as you are always making the right choices and more importantly you are happy to lend a helping hand to others in need. Well done!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassRenee
Renee you have impressed with your listening skills this week and how you have put time and effort into editing your work. Well done!

Stars of the Week – Friday 11th February 2022

Red Class
Red ClassEvelyn
Evelyn, you have shown amazing perseverance this week during your learning based on the Gingerbread Man – well done!
Orange Class
Orange ClassCaleb
Caleb, you have been such a kind and helpful member of class this week, making sure Mr Cooke and Miss Liddell had help when they needed it!
Yellow Class
Yellow ClassRhia
Rhia you have tried so hard with your writing this week, the presentation of your writing but also putting in the correct punctuation and conjunctions. Well done
Blue Class
Blue ClassOscar
Oscar, you have such a calm presence in class and your contributions in class to discussions are well thought out – keep it up!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassCharlotte
Charlotte your biography wowed Mr Haygarth and Mrs Morrissey so much so they said it was ‘dazzling.’ Well done!
Violet Class
Violet ClassSam
Sam you have had the right attitude to learning over this half term and you can see how it has changed your work and learning in class. You have written some fantastic pieces of writing this week. Well done!