St Mary’s Stars June 2021

Congratulations to all our wonderful students who have gone above and beyond and been awarded our prestigious STAR award.

Stars of the week – Friday 25th June

Red Class
Red ClassDylan
You have been working so hard on your writing in class and are now using full stops. That is fantastic to hear!
Yellow Class
Yellow ClassLondon
You are someone who consistently works hard in class and this week you have tried hard with all the singing and drama and always come up with super ideas! Well done!
Green Class
Green ClassRuby
You are putting 100% into your work in class, writing a brilliant diary entry in literacy and in science creating a shadow puppet show, which is linked to your unit on light and shadows. Well done!
Blue Class
Blue ClassChe
Blue class- Mr Oldham and Mrs Birks was so impressed this week with the practise you put into learning your spellings at home. Well done!
Blue Class
Blue ClassCharlotte
Blue class – Che Mr Oldham and Mrs Birks was so impressed this week with the practise you put into learning your spellings at home. Well done!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassLana
You wrote a dark and emotive passage as Bess from The Highwayman – the poem Year 5 are working on this term. It had Mrs Anstey captivated.
Violet Class
Violet ClassLewis
Violet class – Lewis you have created a fantastic version of Stormbreaker – the book Year 6 are reading- it has been a super read.

Stars Hero of the week – Friday 18th June

Red Class
Red ClassIsabella
Miss Hayes has been so impressed with how you have come back to school this week, taking part in all tasks and activities after bumping your arm over the holidays. Especially as you have a pink and glittery cast on now!
Orange Class
Orange ClassIsaac
You have come back after half term with a super attitude and all the adults have been impressed!
Yellow Class
Yellow ClassMikaela
You have grown in confidence over the last term and are putting so much effort into your work!
Green Class
Green ClassRae
Well done Rae for your enthusiasm this week in your work!
Blue Class
Blue ClassTristan
Mr Oldham has chosen you for always listening carefully, making thoughtful choices and most of all your contributions to your class discussions. Well done!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassBrooklyn
Brooklyn, not only have you been awarded your pen licence this week but you have also jumped up 3 whole book bands! Amazing!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassArchie
Archie you have come back to school with a calm and sensible attitude. Mrs Anstey is proud of how the choices you have made this week especially with your work.
Violet Class
Violet ClassEilidh
Eilidh, you have been working on algebra in maths this week and that tests the brain of anyone so well done on being brainhero this week!