St Mary’s Stars March 2022

Congratulations to all our wonderful students who have gone above and beyond and been awarded our prestigious STAR award.

End of Term Stars – 1st April 2022

This week, we celebrated the end of Spring term with our overall brainhero, someone who has shown our key values and worked hard throughout the term from January to now.

Red Class
Red ClassDennis
Dennis, you have blossomed this half term and really shown that you are learning how to make new friends and are working super hard on your phonics. Well done!
Orange Class
Orange ClassElijah
Elijah, you have been such a superstar since joining St. Mary’s this term and that has stood out to Mr Cooke and Miss Liddell. Well done!
Yellow Class
Yellow ClassHeidi
Heidi, you have shown both Mrs Burns and Mrs Moran how well you have been trying and consistently doing the right thing and working super hard in class. Well done!
Green Class
Green ClassMax
Max you are someone in Green class who Mr Plewes always spots doing the right thing and this term has been no different. You have consistently worked hard to earn the reward of this recognition. Well done!
Blue Class
Blue ClassJoshua
Joshua, you have shown the true values of St. Mary’s this term and consistently been focused and determined to do the best you can! Well done!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassEvie
Evie you are a fantastic ‘all rounder’ and have worked consistently hard all term which has meant you deserve the certificate for Spring. Well done!
Violet Class
Violet ClassImogen
Imogen you have been so focused this term and put 100% into your work which has meant you have really progressed and shown your determination! Well done.

Stars of the week – Friday 25th March 2022

Orange Class
Orange ClassAria
Arla your writing this week has blown both Mr Cooke and Miss Liddell away! Well done on your fantastic work based on your topic of moths!
Yellow Class
Yellow ClassWinson
Winson since joining St. Mary’s, you have been working really hard on learning to read and write in English and learn how we do maths in this country and you have come so far. Well done!
Green Class
Green ClassReilly
Reilly you have really been pushing yourself with your reading and this has meant that you have flown up to Emerald with 100% accuracy. Amazing work!
Blue Class
Blue ClassJosh
Josh one of your homework tasks this term was to design and build a model skyscraper and you did an amazing job that ended up taller than you!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassBrooke
Brooke you continue to impress Mr Haygarth and Mrs Morrissey with your attitude to learning and determination. Well done!

Stars of the week – Friday 11th March 2022

We held our first whole school assembly since March 2020 this afternoon and it was a fantastic celebration of all the hard work this week.

Red class – Hudson you have been trying super hard this week and it impressed Mrs Quayle-Sutcliffe and Mrs Bradley – keep up your super behaviour.

Blue class- We welcomed a new family this week and Danial who joined Year 4 has worked so hard to learn all the new routines and expectations – he must be exhausted!

Orange Class
Orange ClassBetty
Betty, this week Year 1 have been focusing on their handwriting and you have tried so hard in this and across your Literacy work. Keep it you!
Yellow Class
Yellow ClassOliver
Oliver – you have been working so hard with your independence this week, especially in numeracy. You have even helped others when you finished your challenge!
Green Class
Green ClassLliya
Lliya, you were a whizz with a trundle wheel in the playground this week as you were measuring in meters. You even measured the perimeter of the whole playground!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassLucie
Lucie you have not only worked hard in class but you have been showing your caring and compassionate side out on the playground towards our younger children. Well done!
Violet Class
Violet Class-
This term we have been learning about the horrific Henry VIII and reading a book about a boy whose father was going to be killed. You have written a brilliant piece as the young boy Will…keep it up!

Stars of the week – Friday 4th March 2022

Another fantastic week of creative learning this week, which was helped along by our World Book Day dance workshops based on the Roald Dahl classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Blue class also visited the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester to see the Halle orchestra and they had a brilliant time – their behaviour was amazing and Mr Oldham was very proud of them. Robbie was awarded the weekly certificate for his brilliant attitude to his school and homework this half term.

This was also a special week for Red class as they were finally able to join some of the older children in KS1 and 2 in the main playground and they did so well that Mrs Quayle Sutcliffe and Mrs Bradley awarded the whole class the certificate this week. Well done Red class!

Red Class
Red ClassOscar
Oscar you have grown in confidence this half term and this week it was in your numeracy lessons that this really showed. Keep it up!
Green Class
Green ClassJack
This week you have been outside breaking open your new class book, doing lots of drama and Mr Plewes was impressed by your independence during these tasks. Well done Jack!
Indigo Class
Indigo ClassLily
Lily your meticulous presentation is something that shows you have pride in your work and you keep on going with tasks without giving up. Well done!
Violet Class
Violet ClassAlfie
Alfie, you have tried really hard this week with our maths unit on measurement and made sure you remembered to include the units of measurement at the end with that very special ‘2’ when finding the area of a shape. Well done!