Violet – Year 6 – 2020-2021

Body t-shirts

Blue Peter Green Badges

Blue Peter Green Badge 2021Along with other classes in school, Violet class have been working towards their Green Blue Peter badge. Elisha gave us the idea and talked to us about the pledges we had to make and work on both at home and at school. Some children have been pledging to switch off their gadgets and play out and others have been making sure they switch off the tap when brushing their teeth. In school we made a pledge to make sure every break and lunch we switch off out lights and projector. Also the children collaborated on a piece of Artwork which we have sent to Blue Peter. Well done Violet class for being Climate H

Controllable vehicles

This half term, Violet class are designing and making their own electric vehicles that could be used in our book ‘Stormbreaker’. We have studied the parts of a vehicles and found out different ways in which wheels can be attached. We’re now really enjoying making our own chassis by sawing wood to the correct lengths and attaching it accurately using corners. We can’t wait to complete our finished products.

Viking Drama

We have been using all of our DEAL strategies [Drama, engagement, active learning] to help us explore the Viking raids and Viking life. We made tableaux, Mrs Moran thought tracked us, we used opinion line and we made news reports. All of this speaking and listening helped us to compose our own news reports in class. We find using Drama a really useful tool for generating and sharing ideas and developing language. You can read Eilidh’s and Alice’s here.

Bacharach Anorak

This half term we have been completing a music unit on Jazz. We have listened and appraised a wide range of Jazz from American jazz of the 1930’s to Duke Ellington. We all agreed that Jazz music is easy listening and we all liked it. However when it came to performing a piece we came into our own. We used chime bars and percussion to perform the piece Bacharach Anorak by Ian Gray. We also added in a little improvisation. See what you think.

Dissecting a pluck!

This week, Violet class have been investigating the circulatory system with a lesson on dissections. We wanted to study a real trachea, lungs and heart and discover how their structure supports their functions. We were all a bit nervous before hand but as soon as we got started, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the organs and talking about what we’d found.

Welcome to the Midnight Society

In our Literacy this half term we have been looking at stories which create fear and tension. We have enjoyed watching short films, trying out techniques to create suspense and adding sentences which give a real impact. The children’s writing has been very impressive, there are definitely a number of budding writers in Violet class. To celebrate the end of the unit we took our stories down into the Forest School area, lit a campfire, made s’mores and got truly spooked! Well done everyone for all the effort you’ve put into your writing.