Violet – Year 6 – 2021-2022

Child Speed Watch

Violet class have been involved in a workshop with the road safety unit from Stockport Council. We were encouraged to think about why speeding is so dangerous and how stopping distances and thinking distances affect chances of survival in a road traffic accident. We spent part of the morning measuring traffic speeds on Reddish road before coming back to class to work out average speeds and how this would affect stopping distances. We were all very surprised to find out that at 30 mph a stopping distance of 23m would be needed and that this could be increased in bad weather. Andy, our workshop leader was very impressed with the attention and contribution all of Violet class gave to the work. It was a very valuable morning’s learning.

What keepsake would you take?

We thought about what keepsake we would take with us on the expedition if we were the crew of Endurance. How would be remember our loved ones? Importantly it must fit inside our uniform pocket as there was no room anywhere else due to the amount of equipment each man had to carry. We will reveal the finished clay keepsakes soon…

Ernest Shackleton and the great Endurance crew!

This half term, we are studying the life and work of Ernest Shackleton and to begin our work we went through our ‘magic story box’ and took ourselves back to 1914 and HMS Endurance HQ. Ernest Shackleton met with 30 likely contenders for the crew and put them through their paces to see if they could cope with the harsh reality of Antarctica!

After opening their letters from Shackleton, they had to decide which qualities they needed to apply for the positions on the expedition.

Evolution Workshop – Tuesday 11th January 2022

The ‘Jesse’ tree in Violet ClassThe ‘Jesse’ tree in Violet Class

During the season of Advent, as we think about the upcoming celebrations around the birth of Jesus Christ, Year 6 have been building a Jesse tree.

The Jesse tree tells the story of the Old Testament, the time before the birth of Jesus and the prophecies that foretold his arrival.

We also thought about what we are thankful for today and placed these thoughts onto a class pebble and placed them on our worship table to ask God to watch over the messages we placed on them.

Shakespeare explorer : drama workshop

Violet class have been finding out all about the wonderful writing of William Shakespeare and because Shakespeare’s plays were written to be performed we have been using many of our Drama techniques to investigate our chosen play; Romeo and Juliet. School also invited in West End in Schools, a theatre in education company to work with Violet class for the afternoon. The children were encouraged to develop their own response to the story through character and movement work. It gave all the children an opportunity to develop empathy and understanding by really getting into the shoes of the characters. We are developing some fine actors and storytellers in Y6, well done to everyone.

Whitworth Art Gallery

Violet class have had a fantastic day of Art at The Whitworth Art gallery. We were the gallery’s first school workshop after a very long break so there was excitement for us all. We were all taken with beauty of the buildings and the parkland around and enjoyed looking at the sculptures and Artworks inside and out. Jasmine and Steven encouraged us to draw on the Artworks in the gallery as inspiration for our own Art work and this is just what we did. We worked in small groups to create our own sculptures and we are going to further develop these back in school.

There was time to have a picnic lunch out in the Art garden and time for some fun on the park equipment before we returned to the galleries to explore some more and experiment with Steven’s light camera. It was a day full of inspiration, art and creativity. The gallery is free to all so do go and pay a visit, Violet class would highly recommend it!

Body t-shirts

Where will we find our organs?

Freddie Fit hits Year 6!

This term our focus in P.E every Friday is our health and working on building up our fitness which links to our overall topic of ‘This is us’ and looking at our body and how our organs work in science.

On Monday 6th we welcomed ‘Freddie Fit’ back into school and had a fantastic session working on our fitness, getting our heart pumping and making sure we understood how important our physical and mental health are.