Yellow – Year 2 – 2020-2021

Yellow Class Sports

We were disappointed that our original Sports day had to be postponed but what a difference a week makes. We had beautiful sunshine today and it brought the best out in Yellow class who threw themselves enthusiastically into all our traditional sports day events. We had high jump, relay races, sack and egg and spoon and of course some three legged races. Everybody had fun, enjoyed the events and an ice pop too. Well done Yellow class!

Summer 2 Newsletter

Summer-2-newsletter for this half term’s newsletter for Yellow class:

St Mary’s Church Visit

Our R.E. topic this half term is The Church. We have been thinking about why Christians visit Church and have looked in detail at some of the features that we would find inside. We walked to St. Mary’s Church this week and as soon as we walked in, the children excitedly pointed out all of these features. We spotted some beautiful stained glass windows, the lectern, the pulpit, the font, the altar and the pews to name a few!

Reverend Liz welcomed us to Church and very kindly talked us through lots of things. She shared her costumes with us which she wears during services, and talked us through the different colours she wears during the year depending on the special times in the Church’s calendar. We sang a hymn together and carried out the actions, and Rev. Liz showed us the large bible she reads from at the lectern.

We then all followed her to the front of the Church to take a closer look at the altar. Here Rev. Liz lit some candles and showed us what happens during a holy communion. Next we followed her to the back of the Church to the font. Here Rev. Liz showed us what happens during a baptism by christening a doll.

When we came back together, Rev. Liz shared some of the meanings behind the stained glass windows and played some music whilst she lit some candles for us. We sat quietly and thought about how the music made us feel whilst we were in the Church environment and will follow this up in class. We really enjoyed our visit to St. Mary’s Church and hope we can visit again for some services in the near future!

Making Clocks

We are learning to tell the time in Numeracy this week. So far, we have looked at how to read o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times on an analogue clock and to reinforce our learning, we have made our own clocks. We split the clocks into quarters and decided which numbers needed to go where, thinking about the numbers the minute hand points to when a clock shows o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have placed all our fantastic clocks on display and have moved the hands to show different times. I wonder if all the children will be able to tell the time on each one?!

Seaside Models

As part of a homework task, many children have been creative at home with their families making some seaside models. These models are proudly on display in our library for all to see! We have been so impressed with what has been used to make the models – cardboard, tissue paper, clay, rocks, shells, sand, pasta shells and even parts of pineapple skin to make palm trees. Well done Year 2 and families, what an incredible job you have done!

Shell Sketching

We are learning about the history and geography of seasides this half term, so Mrs Burns collected lots of different shells for us to explore on a recent trip to the beach – there were shells from cockles, scallops, mussels, razor clams, baltic tellins, limpets,, whelks, tower shell snails and oysters. We learned about the sea creatures the different shells had come from and looked at some photos of them as well as some videos to see how they moved underwater. It was all such fascinating information! We sketched the details of different types and now have some proudly on display on the sand of our seaside display in the classroom.

A wigwam for teddy

Yellow class love their time outside in the Forest School area and this week saw some fantastic teamwork and great fine motor skills as we practised our knots to make a wigwam for out teddies. It needed lots of pairs of hands helping and some nimble fingers to create these magnificent tepees which will protect our teddies from all the Spring showers.

Summer Newsletter 1

Here is our Newsletter for this half term:

Spring Planting

This half term, we are getting green-fingered and doing lots of planting and caring for plants as part of our Science topic. With the help of our gardening guru, Mrs Welsh, we have made a start on growing some vegetables and flowers. We have started off by planting them in small trays, but will then work together to prepare the soil outside ready to replant them somewhere bigger as they begin to grow.
Mrs Welsh split us into 5 groups. Each of these groups are responsible for a different vegetable or plant and have begun this week by planting the seeds of cauliflowers, spring onions, peas, sweetcorn and wildflowers. We will ensure we look after these plants really well and absolutely cannot wait to watch our creations grow!

We were also thrilled to receive a gift in school from Morrisons – a sunflower hamper filled with sunflower seeds and gardening equipment. We asked Mrs Irvin if we could take charge of these too and Mrs Welsh has brilliant ideas of where we can grow them in our school grounds – watch this space!


We are looking at different forms of measurement in Numeracy this half term. We have started off by looking at measuring length and height in centimetres and metres. We have done lots of hands-on comparing of objects and have measured ourselves and objects both inside and outside. As part of our lessons so far, we have found objects less than and more than a metre and have read measurements accurately, writing them down. We can even note down trickier measurements which involve both metres and centimetres!

Christmas Forest School

We have had a mix of all weathers at Forest School as we approached Christmas. We are never deterred; we simply put on our waterproofs and head out to have wet weather adventures instead! On our final session however, the sun shone down on us as we enjoyed some Christmas crafts. We made Father Christmas decorations, Christmas wands and a Christmas tree to hang them all on. Our popcorn didn’t pop very well on the fire in the rain so this time instead we toasted some marshmallows. The children have loved having the freedom to be out in our wonderful Forest School area and many of them said their favourite activity had been exploring the woodland with their friends.

Year 2 Nativity Group

Yellow class should be very proud as they did amazingly in their nativity. Everyone learned their lines and we had some great acting! We are very sad that we couldn’t invite everyone to come and watch, but we have uploaded a recording on to Google Classroom. We hope you love it as much as we do. Here are the wonderful groups in their leading roles! Well done, Yellow class!

Group1 at Forest School

The first group from Yellow class have had a lovely time out at Forest School. They found that some of the characters from their class book; Leaf, were out in the Forest too. They found Leaf himself as well as the crows and all the other woodland animals. The children have shown that they are very good at directing their own learning outside with some choosing to make wings for leaf, some building him a den and some building an obstacle course for him. On the last week we had a special treat of popcorn cooked on the fire. The children were a credit to themselves showing teamwork, resilience and creativity. Well done.

Pattan’s Pumpkin

Last term, Yellow class read the book, ‘Pattan’s Pumpkin’ and created their own mythical stories, We spent the term exploring India in Geography and investigated healthy foods and nutrition in Science. To celebrate the end of our work, we made our very own pumpkin curry and naan breads. Yum!