Yellow – Year 2 – 2021-2022

International Woman’s Day

It was International Women’s Day on 8th March so we learned about some of the struggles women have had to overcome to get equality. We learn about some inspirational women in Year 2 who have made a difference to the world, but on this day we chose to celebrate some of the most inspirational women in our lives – our mums. We wrote letters to tell them how much we love them and why and took them home in an envelope. Have a read of some of our letters – you will see why some of us made our mums cry!.

World Book Day 2022

What an exciting day we had on World Book Day in Year 2! We each brought in our favourite book from home to share with one another and completed lots of great work around books, especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we are reading in class at the moment.

We took part in a fantastic dance session led by the company West End in Schools, where we acted out the story through dance. The children were fantastic! Mrs Burns filmed the final dance and we enjoyed watching it back.

To link with our Numeracy Statistics topic, we also wrote a list of different types of books and chose our favourite kind on a tally chart. We then used this information to create a pictogram of our results which we have put on display in our classroom for all to see.

Road Safety

We had such a fun, valuable morning with Andy from Stockport Council who carried out some Road Safety activities with us on Broomfield Drive. We learned about some different crossings and how to cross roads safely in different scenarios, such as at T-junctions and when there are parked cars obstructing our view. We learned to check in parked cars to see if there was anyone in them which might signal the car might move, we discussed what the red, white and indicator lights signalled on cars which helps us to read what cars are doing when they are moving and we learned to always look around us (whilst also using our ears) when crossing a road.

We discussed some safety aspects we might not have thought about before crossing a road, such as making sure our hoods / hats aren’t obscuring our vision, taking off ear muffs to make sure we can hear everything going on and not looking at something like a phone as we cross so we are always looking around us. We learned the mantra STOP – LOOK – LISTEN – THINK which we know we will use before we cross a road in future.

Broomfield Drive was busy with moving cars during these activities so we were able to put our new road-crossing skills into action, whilst keeping our wits about us and assessing the risks! We had such a great morning, learned a lot and had fun at the same time!

Minibeast hunt

As part of our ongoing work on habitats, we thought about what kind of animals we would find in our forest areas on our school field. We created some tables with names of minibeasts we thought we might find and then set off on a minibeast hunt! The children knew all the right places to look – damp, dark places such as under logs for example. We explored many areas of our field and kept a tally of the minibeasts we found. Some children even spotted some tiny eggs under a leaf. We wondered if these were snail eggs?

Back in class, to link with our Computing and Numeracy work, we created some bar charts of our results:

Darcie’s bar chart

Isaac’s bar chart

Louise’s bar chart

Lucien’s bar chart

Florence Nightingale DEAL

DEAL (Drama, Engagement and Active Learning) underpins so much of our learning at St. Mary’s. We become immersed in a book or a situation and carry out lots of drama strategies to further our knowledge and become more engaged, which then has a fantastic impact on our writing!

As part of our History work on significant individuals, we learned about how Florence Nightingale changed nursing. We acted out the moment Florence Nightingale marched her nurses into the hospital in Crimea when she went to help the British soldiers who had been injured. She found that they were dying because of the state of the hospital and because they were not being treated properly. Our nurses in our DEAL session were horrified at the smell and conditions in the hospital and they set to work cleaning the floors, the walls, washing the soldiers’ wounds and bandaging them up in clean bandages they had brought with them. They gave the soldiers beds and provided them with clean bedsheets, they made them healthy food and drink and they read to them and made them smile until they were nursed back to health!

Everyone really enjoyed this activity and it helped us to understand the impact Florence Nightingale had on nursing and how she has influenced our hospitals today!

Infant Nativity 2021

Well done to our FABULOUS Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes for a brilliant Nativity. It was a huge success, the children worked so hard and the staff and their parents are so proud of them all!

Check out the cast photos below:

Anti-Bullying week: One Kind Word

The theme for this year’s Anti-Bullying week was One Kind Word.

We spent an afternoon thinking about what bullying is and what we would do if we felt we were being bullied or saw someone else being bullied. We looked at some scenarios and gave some great advice to help. We had a mature discussion about mental health and realised how important it is to be kind to everyone and how ‘one kind word’ (or sentence) can really turn around someone’s day.

We made a kindness pledge and wrote some kindness calendars which we took home to work through in the next month. Children wrote a kind act to carry out on each day.

We also placed some ‘Caught You Being Kind’ vouchers on our Worship table so anyone who notices someone displaying kindness can write and award them with one. These really make us smile!

Children in Need 2021

Yellow class made such a great effort to support Children in Need this year that we had to take a photo! Everyone dressed in spots or in Pudsey clothes and gave a donation to go to the charity. We started the day by learning a bit about who and how our donations will help and enjoyed a Supermovers with Pudsey bear.


At the beginning of this half term, Year 2 learned a bit about World War 1 to understand the reason behind Remembrance Day each year. To help us understand the conditions in the trenches a little more, we looked at lots of pictures and asked lots of questions. We read about life in the trenches and then immersed ourselves in some drama to help put ourselves in the soldiers’ shoes.

In groups, we acted out a battle scene and helped injured soldiers back to the trenches, we looked at a picture and said aloud what we could see and things we wondered about, and then we worked as a team to set up a trench in our hall. The children sat in their trench acting out what they thought a soldier might do so we had some sleeping, some writing home to their families, some on lookout, some looking at their sore feet, some digging out more parts of the trench, some singing to pass the time and some chatting to other soldiers. These activities helped us to write some fantastic letters home to our families in role of a soldier the next day.

On 11th November at 11am, we stood socially distanced from the rest of the school in the playground to take part in a 2 minute silence to remember the soldiers.
The next day, on 12th November, we walked to Reddish Cenotaph to pay our respects and to look at the names of the men from Reddish who lost their lives during the war. We stood round the cenotaph in a circle and took part in another 2 minute silence to think about the sacrifice they made. We had made some poppy wreaths in class so we placed 2 here on behalf of St. Mary’s.

We then walked to Willow Grove Cemetery closeby and paid our respects there. We laid 2 more poppy wreaths at the memorial wall near the entrance and then walked to find Joseph Lister’s grave, a local war hero who survived World War 1 and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery. We laid our final 2 poppy wreaths at his grave and together read a prayer we had written in class to say thank you to him and other soldiers who had sacrificed their lives during the World Wars.

All children were so respectful during this walk, we are very proud of them all!

Class Worship

We have been reading lots of Bible stories as part of our RE topic and thinking about how the stories in it show Christians how we should behave. Today, in Worship, we read The Good Samaritan and discussed how we should always show love and respect to everyone we meet.

We laid out our green cloth and said our welcome words as we lit our candle and took our cross and Bible out of the box. After reading the story, we thought about how we should live as Christians and one at a time, we took out cards containing our 5 core Christian Values and placed them on the green cloth.

Our core Christian Values at St. Mary’s are Love, Respect, Forgiveness, Creativity and Perseverance. We thought about how we show these things every day in school.

We always finish our Class Worship with a prayer and a song which summarises what we have discussed during our time together in a circle.

Class Worship is definitely one of our favourite times of the week – we are always calm, respectful and engaged!

Diwali 2021

This week we read a book called Dipal’s Diwali and learned more about the Hindu Festival Diwali which began this Thursday 4th November. The children enjoyed this book and completed some lovely writing around it. We watched some videos showing how people celebrate Diwali both in India and here in the UK and we studied photos of the celebration around the world in order to see what we can learn. The children were so interested in Diwali that they asked if we could celebrate this Thursday too!

Fast forward to Thursday and we had an afternoon building on our India day we had with Mrs Moran before half term by learning more about Diwali. We tided and decluttered our classroom like Hindus do at the beginning of the festival and we recapped the story of Rama and Sita as we know this is the reason Hindus celebrate Diwali each year. We practised our symmetrical colouring with Rangoli patterns, designed our own Mendhi patterns on hands, painted our Diwa lamps that we had made previously out of clay and constructed some lanterns practising our folding and cutting skills. Our Indian dance moves are so fantastic that we had another go and then we all took a sample of traditional Indian sweets home with us.

The children’s knowledge on Diwali is now fantastic and we hope they remember the beautiful ways to celebrate this festival year after year!

Harvest Festival 2021

KS1 enjoyed showing our rainbow harvest festival to all our visitors on Monday. The children sang songs about Harvest and wrote their own prayers to say thank you for the food that had been grown this year.

How clear are our hands?

We have been thinking about how to keep ourselves clean and healthy a lot this half term as this has been our Science topic. To show how easily germs can spread, we chose someone to cover their hands in glitter, then shake hands with a friend, who in turn shook hands with someone else, who then shook hands with someone else… The glitter spread between all these people and we realised that this is how easily germs can spread between us. We even found how easily germs can spread to our faces when we touched them as some of us ended up with glitter on our faces! We also realised that water alone didn’t get this glitter off and that we had to use soap, so this helped us realise how soap is needed to kill the germs on our hands and wash them away!

So how clean did we think our hands were? We all volunteered to rub a small amount of a solution called Glo Germ into our hands which helps show up any germs under a UV light. Lots of us found that we had germs on our wrists so concluded that we must make sure we wash our wrists too as part of our hand-washing regime.

These experiments definitely highlighted to us how important it is to wash our hands frequently throughout the day, especially after going to the toilet and before we eat.

Dental Nurse Visit

Anne Jepson, our school dental nurse came to visit us to talk about how important it is to look after our teeth. She showed us lots of photos of healthy teeth and not-so-healthy teeth which made us realise how important it is to brush twice a day.

Our food-inspired poetry

Inspired by our book, Pattan’s Pumpkin, we looked at and tasted a pumpkin and came up with lots of adjectives to describe it. We had spent a few days studying the structure of some poetry so we had a go at writing our own poems to describe the pumpkin we grew and tasted. Have a look at these fantastic examples:

Ollys poem Lois poem Alices poem

Mrs Burns was also super impressed that we managed to change a poem with lots of positive adjectives into a poem with a totally different vibe by changing the adjectives to negative ones. This was a whole-class effort and we had to decide which adjectives needed changing and which could sound both positive and negative based on how we said them. I think you can definitely tell that Jack likes spaghetti in the first poem, but that Amy really doesn’t like it in the second poem…

Spaghetti Poem Jack Spaghetti Dislike Amy

Tasting Indian food and pumpkins

As part of our Geography topic on India, we decided to make our own Indian curry. In order to do our research and find out which ingredients we would like in our curry, we tasted a variety of Indian food and wrote down adjectives to describe how it looked as well as its smell, taste and texture.

We also cooked and tasted one of our school-grown pumpkins from our vegetable patch outside the classroom. It was a big, tasty hit with some of us… but we weren’t all so keen!

Protecting our pumpkin patch

Whilst reading our book Pattan’s Pumpkin, we became inspired to make signs for our outdoor vegetable patch to warn people not to step on them / damage them with footballs etc when playing. The children also suggested a scarecrow for the patch too to help protect our fantastic selection of fruit and vegetables, so watch this space…

Freddie Fit

We enjoyed Freddie Fit’s visit to school. We did some exercise outside and had so much fun at the same time!

Indian Celebrations

Namaste, we have all enjoyed this half terms topic around India. We have used our Geography skills to learn about life in India and compare it to Reddish, we have studied a book in English about a man called Pattan who grows a rather large pumpkin and we have enjoyed acting out the story of Rama and Sita which is a Hindu story of light remembered at Diwali. This afternoon we finished off our topic with an Indian celebration. We learnt some Indian dance moves, made a curry with vegetables from our own vegetable plot and made some Indian crafts such as Diwali puppets, Rangoli patterns and garlands and little clay Diwa pots.